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"The Clock of Lublin" (SCI: The Jewish Comics Anthology vol. 2)

"Low Tide" (Wayward Sisters)

"Peaches" (Hogtown Horror)

"Etienne and the Far West" (Toronto Comics vol. 3)

"The Magician's Bargain" (Strange Romance vol. 1)

Iron Man: Golden Avenger #1 (Marvel Comics)

Iron Man and Power Pack #4: "Dog and Pony Show" (Marvel Comics)


"Adapting and Transforming 'Cinderella': Fairy-Tale Adaptations and the Limits of Existing Adaptation Theory" (Humanities Education and Research Association, vol. 31.3)

"'A Very Serious Problem With The People Taking Care of the Place': Duality and the Dionysian Aspect in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining" (The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies, vol. 13)


"What to Wear at Fancy Halloween Parties" (The Hairpin)

"The Beetle: Like Dracula, But With Bugs" (The Toast)

"A Buff Baby Who Can Puncha Your Buns: Finn and the Crisis of Masculinity" (Adventure Time and Philosophy)


"Cinderella Across Cultures: New Directions and Interdisciplinary Perspectives" by Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère, Gillian Lathey, and Monika Wozniak (Western Folklore vol. 76, no. 4)

"Slavery in American Children's Literature, 1790-2010" by Paula T. Connolly (U.S. Studies Online)



Hello there!

My name is Margot Blankier, and I currently work as an editorial assistant and as a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader.


In 2017 I received a doctorate in English literature from Trinity College Dublin for my thesis work which concentrated on fairy tales, American culture and feminist movements, and popular media. In the same year I assistant edited Wayward Sisters, a comics anthology of monstrous women.

I've written for The Hairpin, The Toast, the Western Folklore Society, TO Comix, Marvel Comics, and The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies.

My copyediting and/or proofreading clients have included Knopf/Random House Canada, Tundra Books, the Sinai Health Network, and undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate students in Canada, the United States, Ireland, and the UK. I'm comfortable working with a range of styles, including Chicago Style, MLA, AP, and APA.

If you are interested in my writing or copyediting work, please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Thanks! Message sent.

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